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Baseball Super Quiz Lite Edition is now available!

This is a demo made to showcase the potential of a quiz game using baseball rules.

You can get Baseball Super Quiz Lite Edition on our Itch.io page!

You can also play the game in your browser with the HTML5 version, also available on our Itch.io page.

What is Baseball Super Quiz?

It’s a trivia game where the correct answer allows your character to run up to the first, second, third base or smash a home run for the harder questions. If you give no answer that’s a strike, and if you give the wrong answer, you’re out! To learn more, visit the Systems and specifications page!

It’s the re-imagining of a 1986 game created by Michel Morissette, high school teacher. It was originally created as a tool for students to use when reviewing material. Want to know more about the game’s history? You’ll find the whole story in Origins of the game!