System and specifications


Baseball Super Quiz is an online multiplayer interactive video game based on the knowledge and strategies that make baseball so exciting. Two players or two teams compete, as in a real baseball game. The actions and movements of the teams are triggered according to how the players answer the questions. There are multiple-choice questions that can be worth a base hit, double, triple or home run. If the batter chooses the correct answer from the three choices, he goes on base according to the value of the question. If he does not give an answer, it’s a strike. If the answer is wrong, it’s an out. Three outs mark the end of the half-inning.

Target Audience

Baseball Super Quiz is aimed at a wide audience of teenagers, parents, board game and quiz game lovers and, of course, baseball fans.

User created content

Traditional board games and quizzes can take time to set up and play; you have to learn then teach your friends the rules, store the box, you can lose cards or tokens. In the long run, after you’ve memorized all the answers, it ends up gathering dust in your closet. Baseball Super Quiz offers a modern version of those games: imagine being with your friend(s), comfortably seated in the living room. You open the app on your smart phones or tablets and let the games begin! And your friends who can’t be here can still join you remotely!

The base game will include three question banks: Baseball history, the history of the Montréal Expos and a bank on topics of general knowledge. Each bank will contain an average of 150 questions. But the real novelty of this video game is a question editor, so you can create your own question banks to challenge your friends!

A great tool for schools

Baseball Super Quiz is sure to find its place in schools. We can find a class with an electronic board and teachers who can prepare their students for year-end exams by playing Baseball Super Quiz. And even better if students continue working at home by playing the game with their parents. With the question editor, anything is possible!