Baseball Super Quiz Lite Edition is our demo, made to showcase the potential of a quiz game using the rules of Baseball.

We call it a demo, but it’s way more than that. It’s a full fledged game, and it’s free!

The game is available for download for Windows on

You can also play in your browser with the HTML5 version.

If offers the following basic features:

  • Creating your own questions (Windows only)
  • Challenging your friends in a local multiplayer game, taking turns to answer questions
  • Two ways to calculate the number of bases that you will run on a good answer: The question specific value, or your speed when answering

Of course, our goal is to create a definitive 3D version of Baseball Super Quiz with character skins, online features, and additional strategic options. You can learn more about our goals in the “System & specifications” page. But for that, we’ll need your help!

You have the option to donate when downloading the game. Any money donated will be saved in order to develop the full game.

We hope you will enjoy this little demo and support us to create a much better version!