Baseball Super Quiz Lite is the demo we’re currently working on!

We call it a demo, but it’s way more than that. It’s a full fledged game, and it’s free!

It will be available first for PC later this year. Then Mac and Linux. Later on, an Android port will be made available.

BSQ Lite is a pixel-art version of the game that will include the core features:

  • Creating your own questions
  • Challenging your friends in a local multiplayer game, taking turns to answer questions
  • 2 Score modes: Per question value, or according to how quickly you answer
  • A single player mode where you can answer questions and score points depending on your answer speed and accuracy.

Of course, our goal is to create a definitive 3D version of Baseball Super Quiz with skins, online features, and additional strategic options. You can learn more about our goal in the “System & specifications” page. But for that, we’ll need your help!

We hope you will enjoy our demo and support us to create a much better version!